How Committed Are You?

Being in a committed relationship is one of the greatest things that can happen to anyone. But what does commitment really mean? It means loyalty. And not just because you have to, but because you want to do And that deep inside you do not want anything else other than staying with your partner for a very long time.It doesn’t really mean to forget the things you want, but to want things to do with the one you committed yourself to. But how else can one tell if they are really committed?

4ecd377d86f44Intimacy: Having sex with someone in a you are completely committed to is much more erotic and passionate than with that stranger you met at the club and then left her apartment at three in the morning through the fire escape. You’d prefer cuddling after sex. Not like that girl from that chatroom who, after sex, you dressed up and got yourself a can of beer from her fridge.Most usually, if you’re in a committed relationship, you have a strong feeling to always see and hear her. Even just a touch of someone you are committed to is different than the touch of other girls’ hand. When your woman touches you, you’d feel warm, yet your insides would shiver.

No to temptation: It’s a very hard task for mom teach porn, people. But it has to be done. That girl winking at you across the bar, who by the way is not your girlfriend, is off limits. Perhaps you could wade in if you’re courageous enough, but never ever take the dive.Because once you give in, it’s a huge sign of not being committed to your partner. That Unknown Number texting you hinting at a booty call in the middle of the night is out-of-bounds. Ignoring the text is the best thing to do.

4ecd37a1cbd87Honesty: This sounds cheesy, but it’s true. And this is not just being honest about where it’s ticklish or where it feels nice or where to keep licking. Or that you’d want to be on top or the other way around. But also with the smallest details. Like not liking the curtains in the living room, or if the roast beef tastes a little saltier than usual, etc. There would be the usual fights but once you explain: “honey, the curtains don’t match with the sofa!” or “darling, the roast could use some honey.”, then you’re going to be fine.People in honest relationships are the most committed of all people and their relationships usually last longer.

Loyalty: When she’s away and you get the urge, always remember that you still have your hand (and probably a tube of lubricant hiding in your underwear drawer).When you get a middle-of-the-night-booty-call, you never text back, or call back. Don’t ever think that in your defense, you did not initiate the act. Always remember it takes two to tango. And when you booty call somebody else other than your woman, it’s a sure bet that you aren’t entirely committed to her.

In retrospect, there are more than many ways to show commitment to a relationship. But in the end, you don’t just have to be honest to your partner. You have to be honest to yourself too.


Different Ways to Start Sex

Great sex experiences always start with a hot and stimulating seduction. Getting stimulated before the actual intercourse sets the mood and even the rhythm for the couple which will allow them to enjoy sex. With this, it can be stated that foreplays actually plays a very important role in having sex that is why couples should learn the art of foreplays to achieve a one of a kind sex experience. Below are some tips on how to start a very seductive foreplay.

You can start the seduction by giving your partner a simple body massage by following something on nubiles casting free. Make sure that he will get relaxed with the massage. Then, you can start changing the tone of your touches and start touching your partner’s delicate spots. Continue massaging those parts until he is already hot and aroused. With a massage your partner will get the relaxation and stimulation he needs before the intercourse. In other words, he will be more than ready.



Foreplay can be started by a simple make out. Kissing your partner can arouse him. But to make sure that he will be into you, you have to make your kisses open, seductive and even more forward. This will give him the hint that you want to have sex with him. Sweet kissing can also do the same thing. This will tell your partner how much you feel for him and this will allow him to respond openly to you.  Kissing also sets the mood for the couple.

Some gets aroused when their partners tell them that they want to have sex.  This brutal frankness is actually sexy especially if it is accompanied with the right facial expression and even gets up. Being frank on what you feel will put your partner at ease and will allow him to go through sex without hindrances because of the fact that you made it pretty clear that you want to do it with him. Having sex with no hindrances and no barriers will allow the couple to explore each other’s bodies and enjoy sex to its fullest essence.



Oral Sex
Sexual intercourse can be started through oral sex. Couple can take turns in giving each other oral sex or they can do this at the same time. This will further arouse your partner and set the mood between the couple. Just make sure that you two still have the energy for the actual sex intercourse so that you two could fully enjoy it.

Moaning and telling your partner what you want is also one way of starting the actual sex intercourse. Moaning actually tells your partner that you like what he’s doing to you. And telling him what to do will further encourage him to continue and further deepen the act of seduction. Once your partner is certain that you are wet and wild with what he is doing, he will also lose himself with his passion which will then result to a wild and satisfying sex.

Sex must be enjoyed by the couple. That is why; you should learn the art of starting it. This way, the two of you will have that great sex experience every time you’re together.